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What to expect when you quit smoking and start vaping? - Urban Vape Ireland

What to expect when you quit smoking and start vaping?

There is a lot of discussion on the many advantages that people enjoy as they turn from smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping electronic cigarettes. But did you realise that these updates will take effect right away? Keep reading to see a summary of what occurs to your body when you turn from smoking to vaping.

Your body will start to improve within hours after you stop smoking. The blood oxygen volume begins to resume normal levels, even though you're still vaping. Unlike, a tobacco cigarette, the vapour created by your e-cigarette contains no carbon monoxide. This allows the body to continue detoxifying the carbon monoxide that you inhaled, allowing you to get more oxygen in your blood and feel happier in several other ways.

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The body continues to appreciate you for shifting to vaping and quitting smoking. You will also find around this point that your sense of taste has changed, so food/drink will be much more delicious than they have been since you began smoking. Furthermore, your smelling sense will improve, allowing you to enjoy more fragrances that you were losing out on while smoking. All of this is true and the body will be able to start rebuilding the receptors in your nose and mouth that were weakened as a consequence of the chemicals in the tobacco you were smoking.

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Apart from above mentioned positive results, you may also face some physical conditions such as a period of coughing, light headaches and shakes, dizziness etc. This process should last only a couple of days immediately after you take that step. If you avoid tobacco smoke and practice vaping for few months, you should find that such symptoms lessened or disappeared. These improvements are also driven by the fact that lung capacity has been increased as the body is able to clean out the toxic waste that had collected when you were on cigarettes.

The more you abstain from tobacco smoke, the better your health will be. Your body will greatly appreciate and you will sleep healthier overall and your chances of developing a host of diseases will be greatly diminished. Furthermore, the people around you might no longer be vulnerable to the unhealthy smoke generated by your cigarettes. If you are still considering quitting smoking and have pursued other ways, vaping should be an alternative for you. 

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