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Disposable Vape vs. Eliquid: Which is More Cost-Effective - Urban Vape Ireland

Disposable Vape vs. Eliquid: Which is More Cost-Effective

The vaping community has seen a surge in the popularity of disposable bars. These handy devices come pre-filled, are used until they run out, and are then discarded. But how do they stack up economically when compared to traditional e-liquids? Let's dive into the numbers and see how much one could potentially save by switching from disposables to a vape device using 10ml e-liquids.

Disposable Bars vs. 10ml Eliquid: The Basics

  • Disposable Bar: Costs 8 euros and offers 600 puffs.
  • 10ml Eliquid: Costs 5 euros but provides a whopping 3000 puffs.

Breaking it down, this means that the 10ml e-liquid provides the equivalent of five disposable bars in terms of puff count. Now, let's look at the monetary implications.

The Savings Calculation

If we equate puffs, 1/5th of the 10ml e-liquid is equivalent to one disposable bar. So, the cost equivalent of one disposable bar in e-liquid form is 1/5 of 5 euros, which equals 1 euro.

Thus, for every disposable bar you replace with its equivalent in e-liquid, you save: 8 euros (cost of disposable) - 1 euro (cost equivalent in e-liquid) = 7 euros.

Projected Savings Over Time

  • Daily: If you use one disposable a day, switching to e-liquid could save you 7 euros every day.
  • Weekly: Over a week, that's a saving of 49 euros.
  • Monthly: In a month, you're looking at a whopping 210 euros saved.
  • Yearly: Over a year, making the switch could put an extra 2,555 euros back in your pocket!


While the convenience of disposable bars is undeniable, the economics point towards traditional e-liquids being the more wallet-friendly option. If you're someone who vapes regularly, considering the shift to a vape device using e-liquids could lead to substantial savings over time. Your pocket, and likely the environment, will thank you!

Individual Savings:

Savings per disposable: 0.00 euros

Total Daily Savings: 0.00 euros

Total Weekly Savings: 0.00 euros

Total Monthly Savings: 0.00 euros

Total Yearly Savings: 0.00 euros

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