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What is the difference between e-cig and vaporizer? - Urban Vape Ireland

What is the difference between e-cig and vaporizer?

If you're a novice to vaping and visiting a vape shop for the first time, you're likely to come across a slew of brands you're not acquainted with. Vaping has become more common, but selecting the right vaping product can be difficult for beginners. Here's a helpful guide to the differences between e-cigarettes and vaporizers if you're looking for practical facts and guidance.

Aesthetics: One of the primary distinctions between e-cigarettes and vapes is their appearance. If e-cigarettes resemble cigarettes, vapes, or vaporizers, mimic fountain pens. They are typically a little bigger and more durable than e-cigarettes. For those who like the feel of having a cigarette in their mouth, e-cigarettes are a common choice.

Flavouring: E-cigarettes may not have a vast selection of e-juice flavors. To taste like a normal cigarette, they are often limited with tobacco and menthol flavoring, whereas vapes allow you to experiment with a wide variety of flavored juices. A vaporizer is usually preferable to an e-cigarette when you need a variety.

Customization: Cartridges for e-cigarettes are pre-filled and need a new cartridge every time when they run dry. On the other hand, vaporizers may be refilled with e-liquid and make it easy to manipulate the tool for more flavor. 

Functioning: Most e-cigarettes are automated with no buttons to press and work when the customer inhales. While vaporizers have push buttons to press in order to inhale the vapor.

Battery life: One of the main causes, why vapes are regarded as a more mature form of e-cigarettes is their increased battery life. Because of their small size, e-cigarette batteries have a reduced capacity, while vaporizer batteries will last all day.

Nicotine delivery: When you vape, you will modify the nicotine content, allowing you to steadily reduce your consumption. Nicotine levels are better handled with a vaporizer than with an e-cigarette. This results in a more consistent nicotine delivery. 

You can vape with an e-cigarette or a vaporizer, but it is better to learn about the variations and play with new devices for sizing to see which choice is best for you!

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