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Hale Fusion E-Liquids 10ml


Brand Hale

Hale Fusion E-Liquids 10ml

Hale Fusion Bitter Sweet
Premium E-liquid a pink lemonade flavour with a hint of grapefruit.

Hale Fusion Island Breeze Premium E-liquid
A huge list of your many favorite fruits flavours, combined together for a mouthwatering burst.

Hale Fusion Tropical Chill Premium E-liquid
A watermelon with a cooling flavour makes this liquid perfect for a chilled out vape.

Hale Fusions Bellini premium E-liquid
Brings the high life to vaping with this peaches and champagne flavour.

Hale Fusion Heisenberg premium E-liquid
A refreshing unique flavour with Blackcurrant , Aniseed menthol with Blue Slush.

Hale Fusion Orchard Premium E-liquid
Pears and apple come together to give this vape the perfect cider blend.

Hale Fusion Summer Cloud Premium E-liquid
One of the most popular fusion flavours, summer cloud with its strawberries and cream mix, makes this a must try for vapers.

Hale Fusion Cancun Sun Premium E-liquid
This fruity cocktail flavour bring guava, strawberry and apple together to give a delightful taste.

Hale Fusion Blue Wave Premium E-liquid
Similar to a spearmint chewing gum, blue wave is perfect for those who like menthol vape.

Hale Fusion Rainbow Premium E-liquid
Love sweets? this vape is for you, taste the rainbow with this colorful vape.

100% Irish made

50VG/50PG Mix