ELFA prefilled pods - Apple Peach - Urban Vape Ireland
ELFA prefilled pods - Apple Peach - Urban Vape Ireland

ELFA prefilled pods - Apple Peach

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Cuimsìonn an tàirge seo nicitìn, ar substaint an-andùile é.

This product contains nicotine

which is a highly addictive substance.

ELFA prefilled pods - Apple Peach

Welcome to a rejuvenating blend of crisp orchards and sun-kissed orchards with Elfa's Apple Peach prefilled pods. This tantalizing duo promises an aromatic vaping session that beautifully marries the refreshing notes of just-plucked apples with the velvety sweetness of ripe peaches.

From the very first draw, you are greeted with the invigorating taste of fresh, crunchy apples. This initial burst is elegantly followed by the lush, juicy undertones of warm peaches, culminating in a vape experience that feels both refreshing and indulgent at the same time.

Elfa, committed to delivering premium quality, ensures that these pods are filled with the finest vape juices. This ensures a consistent, rich flavor with every puff, making for an impeccable vaping journey. Moreover, the user-friendly design of these prefilled pods means a fuss-free, enjoyable session is just a click away.

Perfect for vapers who appreciate the finer flavors in life, the Apple Peach prefilled pods are a tribute to nature's bounty, offering a flavor profile that's vibrant yet soothing.

For an unmatched experience, ensure your vaping device is adequately charged, slot in the Elfa pod, and let yourself be carried away by the delectable fusion of apple and peach.

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