Elf Bar Watermelon 2ml 20mg - Urban Vape Ireland
Elf Bar Watermelon 2ml 20mg - Urban Vape Ireland

Elf Bar Watermelon 2ml 20mg

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Cuimsìonn an tàirge seo nicitìn, ar substaint an-andùile é.

This product contains nicotine

which is a highly addictive substance.

Elf Bar Watermelon 2ml 20mg

ELF Bar's Watermelon disposable vaping device is a delicious and refreshing option for anyone who loves the taste of juicy and sweet watermelons. With every puff, you'll experience a burst of flavor that perfectly captures the essence of summertime.

The Watermelon flavor in this device is rich and flavorful, with a natural sweetness that comes from the ripest and juiciest watermelons. The initial notes you'll notice are of the fresh and fruity watermelon, which provides a juicy and mouthwatering taste that is sure to satisfy your cravings. The flavor is smooth, clean and consistent, ensuring a pleasurable and consistent experience.

But what sets ELF Bar's Watermelon flavor apart is the touch of coolness you'll feel with each inhale. This coolness is not overpowering, but it does provide a refreshing sensation that perfectly complements the sweet and fruity flavor of the watermelon. It's like taking a bite out of a cold, refreshing watermelon on a hot summer day, without the sticky mess!

In addition to the main flavor notes, you'll also notice a subtle undertone of tartness that adds a refreshing twist to the overall flavor. This tartness provides a balance to the sweetness of the watermelon and creates a well-rounded flavor profile. It also adds a layer of complexity to the flavor, ensuring that you'll never get tired of vaping this delicious flavor.

The Watermelon flavor in ELF Bar's disposable device is made with high-quality natural and artificial flavorings, ensuring that you get the best possible taste experience. The e-liquid is formulated with a perfect balance of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin to produce a smooth and satisfying vapor. The blend also ensures a balanced flavor, so you can enjoy the sweet and fruity taste of watermelon without any harshness or bitterness.

The ELF Bar Watermelon disposable is perfect for those who want a convenient and hassle-free option for their vaping needs. The device is designed to be easy to use and requires no maintenance, cleaning or charging. Simply open the packaging, inhale from the mouthpiece, and enjoy the delicious flavor of watermelon.

Each device is pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid, providing up to 600 puffs of consistent and flavorful vapor. This makes it perfect for on-the-go vaping, whether you're traveling, at work or at home. The device is small and compact, making it easy to take with you wherever you go, and the disposable design ensures that you don't need to worry about any complicated refilling or cleaning.

In conclusion, ELF Bar's Watermelon disposable vaping device is a delicious and refreshing option for anyone who loves the taste of watermelons. The flavor is smooth, sweet and perfectly balanced, with a subtle hint of coolness and tartness that provides a refreshing twist. Whether you're looking for a quick and hassle-free option for vaping on-the-go or simply want to enjoy the delicious taste of watermelon, the ELF Bar Watermelon disposable is an excellent choice. Try it today and experience the taste of summer all year round!

Elf Bar Watermelon 2ml 20mg

Specifications for:

Elf Bar Watermelon 2ml 20mg

  • 550mAh battery
  • 2ml e-liquid capacity
  • 550 to 600 puffs
  • Draw activated
  • 1 x Elf Bar Watermelon 2ml 20mg
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