CannabiGold Smart Capsules (10mg Capsules)


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      CannabiGold Smart Capsules (10mg Capsules)

      CannabiGold Smart capsules are a dietary supplement intended for people who dislike the taste of hemp oil but would still like to benefit from its qualities. The most important advantage of gelatin capsules is their hermeticity, which guarantees 100% protection of their contents against the harmful effects of external factors. The second important advantage of soft capsules is the ease of precise oral dosing. The soft, golden capsule can be easily swallowed. Sensitive people should wash the capsule down with a small amount of water. Comfortable dosage and transport of the product ensure comfort and freedom of consumption in every situation.

      Extract-rich hemp oil used in the production of CannabiGold Smart capsules is obtained entirely in the process of solvent-free extraction of the whole Cannabis Sativa L. – in other words, from a completely safe and legal hemp plant.


      -hemp seed oil

      - CO2 whole plant hemp extract

      -capsules shell: beef gelatin

      -humectant: glycerol

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