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Lost Vape Ursa Pocket - Urban Vape Ireland

Lost Vape Ursa Pocket

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This product contains nicotine

which is a highly addictive substance.

Lost Vape Ursa Pocket

The latest edition to the already impressive Lost Vape Range, the Ursa Pocket brings both an amazing vaping experience combined with fun games on the go, it is compatible with other ranges of Lost Vape pods also making it even more convenient to get your replacement parts.

Lost Vape Ursa Pocket Ireland

Firstly, versatility is at the heart of the Ursa Pocket's design. Not only does it effortlessly fit into your pocket, but it's also adaptable to both DTL and MTL styles. Whether you're a cloud chaser or a flavor enthusiast, this device allows you to personalize your vaping journey with ease.

Next, let's talk about power. With the Ursa Pocket, you're in control. A full-range wattage output, spanning from 5W to 30W, paired with an intelligent chipset, ensures a consistent, high-quality vaping experience. Enjoy long-lasting vaping sessions thanks to its sizeable 1200mAh built-in battery. The USB-C charging facility further enhances its convenience, ensuring your device is always ready when you are.

Lost Vape Ursa Pocket 30W

Moreover, the Ursa Pocket doesn't compromise on aesthetics. It boasts an elegant and sturdy construction, available in an array of distinctive colors and finishes. Its compact design is not only visually pleasing but ergonomically efficient, allowing you to carry and handle it with the utmost comfort.

Lost Vape Ursa Pocket Gaming

But the beauty of the Ursa Pocket isn't just skin-deep. The refillable pod system, coupled with adjustable airflow control, enhances your vaping experience by providing rich, dense vapor and incredible flavor output. Its compatible coil range further enables you to customize your sessions according to your vaping preferences.

In conclusion, the Lost Vape Ursa Pocket is more than just a vaping device. It's a testament to the perfect blend of innovation and design. It's a tool that personalizes and enhances your vaping journey, from the first puff to the last. Experience the difference today!

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